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Babies Who Lunch is a site dedicated to telling answering the question you’ll keep asking as a new parent when considering a restaurant or café: can I fit with my pram!?

My name is Eleonor, and when I gave birth to my son Wyatt in May 2015, I was faced with a question that I had never really considered when choosing somewhere to eat or go for coffee: Can I fit a pram in there?
This website is dedicated to telling you just that.

Can you fit a pram? Could your Parent’s Group meet there with multiple prams? Is there somewhere to change the baby?

Slowly, but surely, Wyatt and I will be making our way around Canberra and I will list all of the places that I visit on this website, with my assessment of whether or not you could fit a pram (among other things).
This isn’t just for “Family Friendly” places – sometimes you’re just catching up with one friend, and you’re the only one with a baby, so if you can still visit one of Canberra’s hottest spots, we’ll let you know!

Using some “Quick Guide” symbols, this site will aim to tell you the following:

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How is this information collected?

All information provided on this website is collected the old fashioned way – from going to these cafes and restaurants and checking them out. All reviews are signed by whoever wrote them, as well as being dated so you know how current they are. All information is correct at the time of publishing, however venues may change their set ups at any time, as is their prerogative. Cafés and Restaurants are welcome to advertise on this site, however all reviews are unpaid so that the integrity of the information provided to Canberra parents is maintained.

How can I get involved?

You are welcome to submit your own cafe and restaurant reviews to the website. We may be able to publish your reviews, or use them to flesh out a more detailed review. Click here to submit your own review.

Alternatively you can suggest places that we should add to the website and we will endeavor to check them out and get them on the site for you. Use the form on our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Using information contained on this site.

You are welcome to use information contained on this site as long as proper credit is given to this website and its authors. All photos and artwork are property of Babies who Lunch, with the exception of café and restaurant logos, and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Please contact info@babieswholunch.net for more information.

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